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Online Business School

An online business school can be a great way to start a new business especially if you have never had your own online business before. However before you take the plunge there are several things that you should know before you sign up for any online business school.The following tips and advice will help you to make a clear decision as to the type of business School that you are looking for, and the ones that offer the most value for money.There are large numbers of online businesses on the Internet today and unfortunately there are an extremely high number of poor business opportunities and scams.The best online business schools will supply you with practically everything you will ever need from starting a new business, right through to looking after your customers and building a solid business that will stand the test of time.It is important that your online business School has a clearly laid out and well defined plan for building your business. It should contain a simple and easy to follow step by step tutorial which will break everything down in a daily, weekly, and monthly plan.You need to ensure that you have an extremely good helpline that is both easily contactable, and will give you quick and reliable answers to any problems or questions that you have.The business opportunity should also include a full range of free tools to build websites and web pages, and an unlimited supply of knowledge usually in the form of video tutorials.Video tutorials are one of the best and easiest ways to learn how to build your very own online business. They are an absolute must and a business opportunity that does not supply them should be taken off your list immediately.The best online business schools will also have an active online forum that you can use to find tips and good ideas that have been found by other members. As your knowledge grows you will be able to pass on your own knowledge to help others.Another important tool is having access to a library of free and cheap marketing methods. These are extremely important and play a vital role in the success of your business. This will allow you to advertise Without having to pay extremely high advertising costs.You should also have free access to unlimited domain hosting and unlimited bandwidth. The only thing that you may have to pay for as an extra is usually an auto responder account.All of these items should be supplied by your online business School without any additional costs or hidden extras. You need to be aware that some online business schools charge you for extras and these can often be very expensive.I personally believe that it is better to pay for your online business School by a monthly subscription, this could save you a lot of money should you decide to cancel your contract early.It is also very important to ensure that you have an easy way to stop any future payments or ongoing monthly costs, and that you are fully in control of stopping these payments.Start up costs can be extremely low and in most cases will cost you no more than around $10, and this is usually for purchasing your domain name.It is not necessary to purchase an expensive online business School package; in most cases it should cost you no more $1.50 per day. Anything more expensive than this will probably be a waste of your money and in most cases will not add additional value.By following the above advice and tips you should be able to find a good quality online business School that will take you by the hand and teach you the skills that you will require to have your own successful business.

Advancing Salary to Employees – No Easy Recourse for Employers If It’s Not Paid Back

Employers often have employees approach them and request an advance of their unearned salary or use of paid vacation time before it accrues. Employers often deduct the money owed to them from the employee’s paycheck if the employee leaves his/her employment, but is it legal?Under New York Labor Law §193, Employers are only allowed to make certain authorized deductions from an employee’s paycheck as authorized by the law such as FICA, Social Security, etc. There are also specifically enumerated deductions that Employees are authorized to deduct if the deduction is for the employee’s benefit and authorized in writing as follows: “insurance premiums, pension or health and welfare benefits, contributions to charitable organizations, payments for United States bonds, payments for dues or assessments to a labor organization, and similar payments for the benefit of the employee.”Until recently, the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) did not seem to object to Employers deducting advancements from an employee’s final paycheck because it was a “similar payment(s) [to those authorized by the law] for the employee’s benefit,” as long as the employee signed an agreement authorizing the deduction. Then if an employee was terminated from his employment, Employers would deduct these advances from the employee’s final paycheck.The NYSDOL has now changed its position, and Employers can no longer deduct advanced salaries or loans from an employee’s paycheck under any circumstances. In addition, if an Employer overpays an employee’s salary, he cannot deduct that overpayment from the employee’s next paycheck. The NYSDOL has relied primarily on a Court of Appeals case and articulated its new view point in two opinion letters. The New York State Court of Appeals in Angello v. Labor Ready (2006), discussed the issue of an employer deducting monies for a salary processing fee from an employee’s wages. Specifically, the Court of Appeals in Labor Ready explained that payments that go “directly to the employer or its subsidiary violates both the letter of the statute and the protective policy underlying it,” and wages should not be deducted.In two opinion letters from the NYSDOL in August 2009 and January 2010, the NYSDOL changed its interpretation of NYS Labor Law §193, and instead relies on the holding in Labor Ready. In the August 3, 2009 Opinion Letter (RO-09-006), an employer requested an opinion whether it was permissible for an employer to make a deduction from an employee’s final paycheck to recover unearned salary and/or benefit which have been advanced to the employee. Relying on Labor Ready¸ the NYSDOL determined that these types of deductions are no longer permissible since the over-payments are neither authorized by law nor are they “similar payments,” especially since the money is going back to the employer.The January 10, 2010 letter reiterated its opinions from the August 2009 letter, but explained how an Employer can get repaid if they advance monies to employees. The NYSDOL’s answer is that the Employer could always sue the employee, while that employee continues to work at the business, or the Employer could request the employee repay the monies in a separate check. If the Employer desires to have the employee write a separate check to repay the monies, the Employer must clearly communicate to the employee that they cannot be disciplined or retaliated against if they refuse to pay back the money. The reasoning behind this is that under Labor Law §193(2) Employers are prohibited from requiring an employee to make any payment by separate transaction. The purpose of this law is to assure that “unequal bargaining power between an employer and an employee does not result in coercive economic arrangements by which the Employer can divert a worker’s wages for the Employer’s benefit.” Labor Ready at 586.With these recent opinion letters, Employers should no longer advance monies to employees or allow them to take unaccrued paid vacation time, unless the Employer is willing to take the risk of not being paid back for these advancements.

Purchase Kids Toys Carefully

Can you separate kids from toys? No, never. Being a concerned parent, your job is to get your kids toys that will help them in their all around development. You need to be very careful when choosing toys for your kids. Kids tend to play with anything they can lay their hands on, but you need to find out if the toy your child is playing with is safe.How toys help in the development of a childAccording to experts, a good toy helps in the development of children. Babies love to play with rattles, baby teethers, key rings and mobiles; these toys connect to the five senses and stimulate reaction from babies. The more brightly colored a toy is, the more kids love it. Make sure that the toys do not have sharp edges and are not made of toxic materials.You can also teach toddlers to know quantity with the help of toys. Place two toys in one place and four toys in another, the kid reaches out for the four toys. There are toys which help kids to enhance their creativity; you can gift your child building blocks, colorful beads, and toy stamps for this. Floor puzzles help children to be patient. You can introduce your child to bath and tub toys for helping them get familiar with the concept of hygiene.Young boys love to ride on toy cars and toy bikes, as they love to imitate their dads. Little girls love to play “mommy”; they love to have toy kitchenware and play with dolls and doll houses. Stuffed animals are also in high demand among young children.Most importantly, never forget that toys are for fun. Your child should enjoy playing with the toys. Learning should be an experience gained in the course of playing and having fun. You can be your children’s playmate, to make playing a very enjoyable experience.Where to get toys fromIf you are looking for the right kind of toys for your child, then the best idea is to look online. You will find there are a large number of online stores which offer a number of kids’ toys. The best part of shopping for toys online is that you can see the toy and also know how it will help in the development of your child.Find a toy that will keep your child happy. Choose a toy that is suitable for your child’s age. Surf the many categories of toys, like toys for toddlers, pre-school toys and toys for infants, and make a smart buy. Also look for the prices that are being offered and know how the toys will be delivered to you.